The White House Gallery

About the Gallery

The White House Gallery has become an important source for 20th Century, Contemporary International and Local art, with a wide-ranging inventory consisting of editions, drawings, paintings and sculptures.

Situated in Illovo, Johannesburg, our sophisticated, modern environment provides art enthusiasts, established and new collectors, decorators and browsers with an unrivalled visual art experience. An environment where art lovers can exchange views and insights into the ever-growing and changing world of art.

The White House Gallery is one of the few galleries that bring amazing International art into South Africa. Often on display at the gallery are artists such as Joan Miró, Jim Dine, Mr. Brainwash, Marc Chagall, Victor Vasarely, David Hockney, Pablo Picasso, William Kentridge, Victor Pasmore and Andy Warhol.

Our website will allow you to browse through the gallery’s entire collection and make easy online purchases. It is as simple as finding an artwork you like and filling out the enquiry form. This will give us the opportunity to provide you with any further details on your chosen artwork. If you do not see the artwork you are looking for please send us an enquiry and we will do our utmost to source it for you. We are happy to freight your artwork anywhere around the world*

With a positive attitude, we aim to please our clients, no matter if it’s to start a new collection of art or to add a unique piece to your existing collection. We will provide you with professional advice and help you source your ideal artwork.

*Freight at separate cost to artwork.

Terms and Conditions of Sale

  1. All shipments need to be inspected, and reported for any damages, within 5 business days upon receipt of goods. Claims made after the 5-day inspection period will not be accepted.
  2. If the Buyer has inspected the Artwork prior to delivery, delivery of the Artwork to the Buyer in the condition it was upon inspection shall constitute acceptance of the Artwork, and shall constitute an acknowledgement by the Buyer that the Buyer is satisfied in all respects with the physical condition of the Artwork. If the Buyer has not inspected the Artwork prior to delivery, the Buyer shall have five (5) business days to inspect the Artwork upon delivery, and if no claims regarding its physical condition are raised in writing, the Buyer shall be deemed to have accepted the Artwork and waived any and all such claims related to its physical condition. Following payment and acceptance of the Artwork, as aforesaid, all sales are final and no refunds shall be made.
  3. If the Seller has provided additional photographs and/or videos of the Artwork as proof of condition and/or damages prior to invoicing and the Buyer has thereafter agreed to purchase, the Buyer shall be deemed to have accepted the condition of the Artwork and waived any and all such claims related to its physical condition.
  4. Seller makes no claims regarding the nature, quality, condition, value or future value of the Artwork, except that the Artwork shall be as described in this invoice and/or on any Certificate of Authenticity delivered herewith. Any claims by Buyer that the Artwork is not as described in this invoice or in any Certificate of Authenticity delivered herewith must be brought within one (1) year of delivery of the Artwork or such claims shall be waived by Buyer. Except as aforesaid, Seller makes no representation or warranty regarding the Artwork.
  5. If the purchase price is not paid when due, or if such purchase price is charged back to seller by any credit card company, and later determined to be due to Seller, (i) Seller may recover all costs of collection, including reasonable attorney’s fees incurred by Seller, and (ii) interest shall accrue on the unpaid amount at the rate of 10% per annum, or if less, the highest legal rate, and shall be due from.
  6. If the Buyer choses to renege on the purchase of the Artwork after the Seller’s receipt of funds, the Buyer shall have five (5) working days to request a reversal of funds and is required to give adequate reasoning. If the Seller has already begun the process of packing and/or shipping the Buyer is liable for the packing and/or shipping costs quoted prior to purchase and shall not request reversal of the packing and/or shipping costs.